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Hardcover Like New

(Paper Pages)


By Rachel Tomlinson

Illustrated By

Tori-Jay Mordey

"Cohen is having a slumping, sighing sobbing kind of day. Mom, Dad, and Cohen's little sister, Junie, each think they know how best to cheer him up, but none of the usual solutions are helping this time.

So, one by one they get quiet and wait as Cohen listens to his body.

They waited because feelings cannot be rushed.

They waited because it was okay that Cohen felt blue.

They waited because they knew that Cohen's blue feelings would not last forever.

With simple poignant text by psychologist Rachel Tomlinson and stunning illustrations by mirrorless Tori-Jay Mordy, a blue kind of day explores the power of listening--- to our bodies when we need help navigating depression but can't find the words, and to the people we love with patients care and empathy."

A Blue Kind of Day Hardcover

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